I consider myself a coffee snob and this place did not disappoint! The gentleman taking our coffee order took his time walking us through their menu. I personally like just black coffee and he recommended their "world's strongest coffee" which they make via French press. Since it was dark roast coffee that has the caffeine preserved I was expecting something very bitter but I got the exact opposite! It was very smooth that I finished the entire medium drink in less than 30mins which is very fast for me. It was super smooth! I highly recommend but also be forewarned very, very caffeinated!

Bethel M.

Great spot close to my house to come get some work done on my laptop. Love the nerd atmosphere (currently avengers themed for Endgames release). I think I've become a regular

Chad Pruitt

Best iced coffee I've had around here! Perfect milk to coffee ratio too.

Courtney Diggs

Worth everybit of the short walk in the mall. So much better than Starbucks! Family owned

Jennifer Tarry

The coffee, staff and atmosphere is awesome. Come and you won't be disappointed.

Judy Storgaard

The best drinks ive ever had ... and the baristas are amazing ... talked to the owner and listened to a few of his stories that were great

Kris McPherson

Great atmosphere. Wonderful service. Awesome people!!!

Jasmine Turngren

Great spot to take a break from shopping and enjoy one of the many varieties of coffees and other types of drinks and snacks, sandwiches and dessert items. The prices are great too! Much cheaper that Starbucks.

Jeanne Murphy

The place is great. The coffee is awesome, staff was extremely friendly and efficient. Love how it's decorated and all the little no where else to be found gifts they sell. Highly recommend

Lisa Theriault

This is the cutest place ever! The staff is always happy & upbeat. The owner is always helpful & seems to be a great boss which really reflects with his staff. And above all amazing coffee with sugar free choices!

Angie Rigg

Always a great place to go. The baristas are friendly and give amazing service. Hands down I prefer this place to Starbucks every single time.

Jishy Kitty

Wanted to try an independent coffee shop while going through Temple and was very pleasantly surprised to find this gem in a mall. The Death Wish coffee and Texas Pecan coffee are excellent brands and were freshly made for us by French press. Definitely worth a stop.

Jared Martin

The owner Rob gets his coffee right from the source. Death wish coffee has proven to be the best and strongest coffee and you can buy it there. Friendly environment and lots of events.

Jason Hensley

Great awesome place. Very good coffee. Lovely staff. Great service

Edward Villanueva

Possibly the best place to get coffee! They are always welcoming and never to busy to cater to your needs. Service is fast and I have never been dissatisfied with my cup of joe! It's Soo good and has an addicting atmosphere

Pada RO.onies

I love Peggy's coffee house! I go here on my breaks to get a quick pick me up. I love the pina colada smoothie! The ladies behind the counter are so sweet and funny.. they can always put a smile on my face!

Chantel Marie Woolery

Great coffee. Can stay there & drink in comfy overstuffed chairs or couches. They also have a counter where you can sit & overlook the busy mall.

Jeanne Clothier

If you like Starbucks then you will love this place. The beverages are tastier at a lower price. If you happen to be a Harry Potter fan, then try the butter Beer!

Johnny Huang

The baristas are awesome, so friendly and helpful. The menu is awesome, and the atmosphere is wonderful.

Jess Shafer

It's an amazing spot for coffee. You get the caffeine kick you need to start your day. If you haven't been it's a must!!

Daniela Gutierrez

If I can't decide what to get, the staff is always able to help. I've never had a bad drink here. The coffee is delicious and the smoothies are great. Everyone is friendly and fast.

Kelli S

a favorite evening place of mine. the staff was helpful and kind. this place has a nice design.

Shawn Delgado

Had great service at this coffee shop.

Joshua Mcgarvey

Good coffee with friendly staff.

Timothy Canaday

Love the Butter beer they have there.

Sharion Martin

Tried the Death Wish coffee then went home and completed 3 weeks worth of an online college class!

Jamie Gonzalez

This was my second time going here and I really enjoyed it! Impressive selection , and the customer service from the lady was wonderful. She was patient , knowledgeable, and helpful. You can see and taste the effort and time she put into the drinks ! Why can't all places offer service like this ?

Carrie Miller

Awesome coffee. Owner is very friendly. This place is a must before my 12 hour shifts.


Excellent went today with my boys. They went above and beyond to make our experience great and enjoyable for my boys. Thanks for the great service.

John Herbst

Even though she was in the middle of a huge delivery order, and by herself, Rachel did a wonderful job of engaging with customers and taking orders. My iced almond joy mocha with almond milk was worth the wait. Delicious!! Coming back every time I'm in town. The shop carries kitchy Harry Potter, central perk, and other themed coffee and tea items.

Kathy Christensen

Love this coffee shop. The coffee is amazing and so is the staff and the atmosphere. Plus they like Harry Potter and have BUTTERBEER!

Jasmine Rodriguez

Had a delicious Americano today. The atmosphere is great, and the barista was extremely friendly and welcoming. This place is refreshing.

Matthew Irvine

Thanks to Peggy's coffee house! Temple mall has some new life, because of these individuals who care about the people and the businesses that are inside.

The events they have and the drinks are fantastic!

Michael Tapp

They have Butterbeer! My daughter is a HUGE Harry Potter fan. We surprised her by getting her a butterbeer here. The staff is awesome and the atmosphere is great. I got a iced chai and will be definitely getting it again. Cant wait to come back for some more goodness. Highly recommend!

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I really enjoyed my Butterbeer and was very happy with customer service it's an amazing store with amazing staff. I recommend for all

Amos Novosad

Best coffee place in our area.

Ronnie Carrasco

Delicious coffee

Caitlyn Stull

There was a Neat-O Selection of Beverages, Sandwiches and Muffins and Comfy Seating with TV and Merchandise Store Surrounding. The Music Usually Sounds Right.

Christopher Curtis

One of the best coffee houses in the Killeen/Belton/Temple area.

Bob Ryan

Movie Prodigy Says:

"This is an probably the best coffee shop in Bell County. They have a death wish coffee, tons of mugs to choose from and the atmosphere in leadership are amazing. They host all types of events such as when the movie comes out they'll have a special drink for it and they also are known for their butter beer. They are located in the temple mall but it's worth the walk. They do have their coffee is available through a delivery service. Highly recommend every coffee lover to come out and try it"